American Express will be the legitimacy of eSports

Ian Swanson said: “From the perspective of participation , Riot Games is a great partner because League of Legends is not just these huge live event , which is around the time spent in playing games and watching others research and strategy to play the game , ” American Express vice president of business growth . “We want to achieve the Millennium male audience on a consistent basis , these players do not just look at the millions of things that live in convulsions , but many times after learning from the pros , they also actively talk about it .”
Further legalization , electronic games , ” Swanson said .” “It certainly helps that our government has realized that , just like football or baseball players, these players are professional athletes from a marketing perspective, we core concern of the population , scope and scale riot check each box . “
In addition to prepaid cards , American Express is the LCS and the Staples Center at the World Championships sponsors.
” American Express is also the sponsor of the U.S. Open , what it means, for electronic games , we are stepping up to say this is no longer a niche , Swanson explains .” “This is a big audience, as a company to achieve our strategic goals , as you can see at the U.S. Open or American Express Los Angeles Kings hockey game at the Staples Center , you’ll see us in the Littoral Combat Ship . “
Baker admitted that the company is ahead of where they thought they would be in the field of electronic games in leaps and bounds .
“Baker said,” we can do is assure fans that we have a focus on providing high-quality , engaging experience , this is our first and most important attribute . “We want to start doing more global experience with the fans and we have five different leagues in China , Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe , North America, we have just launched in countries such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey, it is a unique situation next , we have a global movement , it is difficult to benchmark anything other than sports , except maybe FIFA Olympic Games . “
It is also unique in that most mainstream company, which is struggling to connect with the new millennium , but also take advantage of this game audience. American Express is the first , but certainly not the last one.

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