Announcing the League of Legends Streamer Portal

We know that you love watching League of Legends almost as much as you love getting

down and dirty on the Fields of Justice. Watching streams gives valuable insight into

every level of players’ strategies as well as commentary on the flow of the game,

all without the stress of trying what you just learned against the competition. It

helps that some of the most entertaining and passionate League of Legends players

like Scarra, Ocelote and Guardsman Bob, stream and teach by example while showing off

strats or just having some random good times. With many players being exposed to

League of Legends streaming for the first time, as well as a growing community of

players acting as paragons of the Summoner’s Code, the need for a dedicated place to

showcase these players’ efforts is greater than ever.

We’re excited to announce the League of Legends Streamer Portal, the next step in

bringing players a curated sampling of streaming offered from around the world. You’

ll find this new feature, as well as information on becoming one of our featured

streamers, under the “Media” tab at the top of the site. This new community

initiative will allows us to feature even more streamers, something that you’ve

requested frequently through the past months. Here, we’ll place both top and

upcoming streamers front and center among a collection of personalities we feel

embody the Summoner’s Code and represent the character of a League of Legends role

model. Head to the site and see which streamers are headlining the Streamer Portal,

showcasing their style, flair and sportsmanship. We know that everyone has their

favorite streamer so let us know in the streamer promotion threads who we should keep

our eyes on.

We all tune in to streamed games for a variety of different reasons, and with huge

competitive events like PAX, Gamescom and the Season Two World Championship

approaching we know that you’re craving more and more streamed content. Learn from

the pros, watch your fellow summoners, get inspired to try a champion you’ve never

played and watch some of the best sportsmen battle their way to victory for your

benefit and enjoyment!

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