Bethesda: Nintendo should follow the example by Sony and Microsoft

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Bethesda Softworks vice president, public relations and marketing Pete Hines has said that the company’s approach lacks support for Nintendo’s Wii U third-party console is a result.

GameTrailers Bonus Round comes to an episode, give me my game transcription Hines noted that Sony and Microsoft as an example, he said, Nintendo must “do what Sony and Microsoft have been doing, we are a very long period of time” and third party publishers to communicate.

“They participate in our very early and said to them,” This is what we are doing, here is our plan, here is how we see it go to work “to hear our opinion,” Hynes said.

“Do you have time to do so early and spent an incredible amount if you just sort of [] decision,” We want to make a box, this is how it works, you should be its game ‘. Ah, no, no is my answer, I want to focus on those other better support, which is what we’re trying to do. ”

Last year, Hines of Bethesda lacking support Wii U’s comments, saying the company’s mantra has always been and continues to support the launch of the game on their platform. Recently, Hines noted that the hardware as one of the “factor” lack of Bethesda titles on Wii U.

Wii U’s so far sold 3.45 million units worldwide, down from Nintendo’s platforms expectations. The company hopes to stimulate sales – in turn, the interests of third parties in the system – this year introduced a number of first-party games.

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