Many LCS pro players are preparing for the 2014 season, but there’s still plenty of competitive League of Legends opportunities before things go into full swing. For Cloud 9, CLG, Fnatic, and Gambit Gaming, that means participating in November’s Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Cologne, Germany. The tournament will feature six teams and a prize pool of $50,000.

For Fnatic’s sOAZ, it’s time to show off what they’ve been doing in the offseason.

“We are excited to get back to business after this 2 month break,” he told us. He also promised that he and his squad would have “a surprise to show.”

The four teams were voted into the tournament by fans from their respective regions. The final two teams were decided in a pair of qualifying tournaments in Turkey and Russia last week, with Turkish team Turquality and Russian Team Miss Click rounding out the bracket.

Due to their status as the highest vote-getters in their respective regions, Cloud 9 and Fnatic will make their way directly into the semifinals, while CLG and Gambit will have to fight their way through the other regions to get into the final four. CLG will be facing Turquality in the quarterfinals while Gambit will be taking on Miss Click.

“Thank you to everyone that supported C9 by voting for us,” said Jack Etienne, Cloud 9’s owner and GM. “We’re excited to compete with the talented teams at this event as well as meet our European fans.”

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