economy discussion in RS2007

that’s everything I can think of so far, anyone else got any ideas? What’s your plan early on?

runescape02 300x141        money making guide in RS 2007

Armor – Smithing and mining will be extremely profitable as people move up to level 50+ and require gear that cannot be found in shops.

Slayer – People who train slayer early will gain the chance for unique and powerful equipment drops, that will be very valuable early.

Bones – People will want 43 prayer ASAP as it allows them to tackle monsters with exceptionally good loot. Save bones to sell in weeks 2-3.

Crafting – Many quests require items that must be player crafted. Rangers will be wanting leather and dragon hide, etc.

Flax picking might be worth doing. Not too sure about this one. It’s probably one of the first things that will be botted.

Farming for rare drops – Farming enemies such as green dragons (Bones, hides, loot), the fight cave monsters (obsidian mauls, fury amulet currency, obsidian capes), and other strong enemies will be incredibly profitable for the first few months.

Herbs – At this point, people will be tackling mid and end game content, and will require herbs for potions. Unidentified herbs will be very valuable in week 2-4. (One thing that was incredibly valuable when it first came out was weapon poison, which will be required for every dragon dagger, stock up early and make massive profit). The Chaos druids below Edgevill are a possible farming spot, but will likely be crowded.
Complete the “Throne of Miscellania” quest early, and play the mini game to get large amounts of valuable resources easily (herbs/wood/etc).

Farming – Farming resources will steadily increase in value from the first few weeks.

Halberds will be valuable, as they allow melee characters to kill monsters without taking damage.
Runes – Will instantly be sought after, especially law runes. I believe the Varock rune shop in 2007 spawns with several hundred, that slowly refill when bought out. If you can get there, or to another rune store early with some cash, you could easily make huge profit. Runecrafting is also a good idea.
Bows/arrows – Fetching and woodcutting will likely be quite profitable early on, as all rangers will want magic bows quite early.

Thieving – Rapidly gain cheapest runescape 2007 gold, and support yourself with stolen cakes. As cheap rs gold  will be very valuable early, anything like thieving (that generates gold) will be worthwhile.


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