ESO is crafting exciting profession guide for the Nightblade

In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the Nightblade will be a stealthy death dealing machine. This, though, can only happen if the Nightblade is properly equipped; medium armor and short blades are just the tip of the iceberg. Before you can be there a killing spree, there are several key equipment-related decisions that must be made. In order to determine what items you Nightblade needs, you will first go to have to figure out exactly what skill path that you intend to follow; to do that, you must decide whether your Nightblade will be a master assassin of the shadows.

Master Shadow Assassin
If you have decided that it would be best to stick to the shadows and explore the wonders of sneak attack damage, then your Nigtblade should focus on two skill paths: Shadow and siphoning. The reasons for following the shadow skill path are obvious; as a master shadow assassin you should invest heavily in the siphoning skill path as well, because the abilities there will enable you to tirelessly engage in deadly shadow dancing routines. You should get involved in equipment that will make you as cheerful as possible. A set of mediocre armor, possibly with a pair of soft boots, will be the perfect outfit for you to sneak around in. Because you are continuing to pursue the shadows and only dealing a couple of blows at a time, you should choose a short sword instead of a dagger for more damage per hit.

Elder scrolls Nightblade class can be powerful solo killers and also powerful allies as they slice and dice their way to victory while providing plenty of crowd control, stuns and impairment effects. To learn more,click here!

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