First emperors and Cyrodiil Map

Who were the first to claim the throne? Find out inside and view the new Cyrodiil section of our Interactive Map!

The Alliance War is already in full swing during Early Access, and the first emperors have been crowned. Whether you’re bowing down in respect or plotting to overthrow your campaign’s emperor, meet the first to claim the throne as of 5:00pm EDT on April 1, 2014:


Campaign Player
Bloodthorn Anselm Odo
Scourge Lady Lightbright
Chrysamere Jollaby
Auriel’s Bow Merdon the Vengeful
Skull Crusher Dashivax of Kill Cult
Dawnbreaker Morkulth
Goldbrand Tombfox
Hopesfire Kip


Campaign Player
Chrysamere Sulfr
Auriel’s Bow Upsyto
Goldbrand Gsko
Hopesfire tiu la minimacro

You can find out more about Cyrodiil’s lore now on our Interactive Map. Read about the province, its history, and its people, and check out some great art to set the tone for your conquests in battle. Let us know which point of interest is your favorite on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and look for new additions to the map as ESO grows.

Can’t wait another minute to get onto the battlefield? You can join us right now in Early Access by pre-ordering!

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