Girl, that is what you do?

1. Girl, you should buy items again once you start a new set. Don’t be surprised at it and yell at me that your account is stolen.

2. Girl, you’d better not chase enemies regardless of their turret’s attack when you are dying.


3. Girl, is it right for you to escape when in a battle of 2v1? You even argue that you did that to keep your strength.

4. Girl, staying in pool can truly increase your money, but it doesn’t mean that as long as you stay there long enough, you can get lots of money to hit enemies hard. It’s just a daydream.

5. Girl, it doesn’t matter that I die in the battle of 2v2, but as a Teemo, why do you just stand aside stealthily? You can easily kill the enemies of low HP when I die.



6. Girl, Pantheon can cast the ult in a long range. You don’t need to dash into the crowd from far away to deliver ult. If enemies send out Orianna, you can dash anywhere you like to deliver ult, as you say that the closer the champion is to you, the more attack he will suffer.

7. Girl, when at level one, you really can’t challenge the dragon, even if killing it can help you level up. Remember that League of Legends is different from World of Warcraft.

8. Girl, it’s true that Soraka can help other champions increase HP, but there is no need for you to let her increase your HP the time you are slightly attacked. Have you noticed that I am dying? Except you, Soraka can also increase HP for others.

9. Girl, you don’t need so many shoes. Though you are crazy for shoes in reality, one pair of shoes is enough in League of Legends. What’s more, the shoes of Magic Penetration are useless for you, as a Garen player.

10. Girl, don’t be too mean. Though money matters in game, it’s needless for you to just wear a pair of Boots of Speed, saying that you have saved 5,000 gold.


11. Girl, you should buy items according to your champion rather than the looks of the items. The hat looks beautiful, but it really doesn’t fit Wukong, though it looks adorable with the hat, like a monkey in the circus.

12. Girl, don’t escape and shout the time you see enemies. Don’t you notice that you are already a Pantheon of level 11 and the enemy is just a level-one Master Yi?

13. Girl, League of Legends differs from World of Warcraft. Though you play Druid in World of Warcraft, there is no such a champion in League of Legends which can both increase HP and regenerate teammates. I know you want to increase my HP and regenerate me when I need, but such a champion doesn’t really exist in League of Legends, at least for now.

14. Girl, the pentakill is worth being proud of, but it doesn’t mean that you should also be excited when we suffer pentakill.

15. Girl, WASD aren’t buttons for moving. And 123456 keys are just for using your items in package. They can’t be used as the shortcut keys for skills.

16. Girl, you know only masters in mid lane can play well. You level up quickly and can carry when reaching level 6. Then you think yourself a master and stand in mid lane the time you join the battle, but do you know that Katarina doesn’t need the bottle of Mana. It’s useless for you to take three bottles of Mana.

17. Girl, you don’t do well in last-hitting. It’s good to pratice more, but you shouldn’t last hit with smite.

18. Girl, though you aren’t familiar with the maps, you shouldn’t wander from our jungle area to the enemies’ jungle area like in World of Warcraft.

19. Girl, Annie’s bear is cute, but you shouldn’t just keep it at home to protect it from being killed.

Well, girl, you win!

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