Hackers planted the legendary producer claimed the league finished card games

Some claim crack Twitter account president and co-founder of Riot Games , League of decision-makers, using it to publish pictures and templates have been completed , but not yet published in the league legend card-based games. “Jason , ” hacker “riot does not want you to play this game , said : .”

Today in the U.S. EST 13:16 , in violation of the following provisions:

The hacker then link “Heroes Union : Hegemony” , see the above picture placeholder login screen art. That name was registered as a trademark by the Riot Games ( as well as a series of Web domains ) a year ago , when gathered some attention.By the way, here we can provide you with cheap FFXIV Gil Presumably , the name of the main League of Legends game mode , after a little more to say .

“It is an independent game , said:” The hackers in this tweet. “I have a server and client source .”

Later, he added:

Further evidence , “Jason ” posted imgur gallery deck card templates and text icon

“Jason ” Later this threat.

Then , he supported this threat, said about an hour later, “I have decided to give his Twitter MARC acquisition .”

Kotaku email asking default image authenticity and riots plan any new alliance under the name of the legendary game supremacy of a Riot Games representative.

As for the ” League of Legends : Supremacy , ” Merrill said , the problem is the old and the experimental nature of the image , rather than any game, is due to the release of evidence

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