How To Farming Tera Gold For Experienced?

Farming is the most tedious but most important work for you to do in TERA daily, we have some tips for you to reduce the boring degree of it and even funnier than you thought. It’s the best way for you to accumulate TERA Gold without too much time input and energy spending.


If your weapons and armors are not enough for you to take part in some wrestling or melee combat, it’s time for you to renew your gears. Handy swords will not only increase the damage but also make you comfortable in combat. That’s the main reason that I continue the game as always. Fixtures of events will reward you with some exclusive items, do not miss it.

If you find some of the terminologies a little daunting, there’s a glossary which should help explain some of the more common terms. Slayer is also the only melee class with High sustain DPS along with a traditional “bun” or “steroid”, the latter which takes the form of In Cold Blood. There’s no perfect plan to solve this problem yet, but you can ignore it.

These tips are fairly rudimentary, covering how to do basic functions like changing channels, zooming, opening up a new hotkey, and other things that you may find helpful as you learn the ropes. While weaker, Berserker tanking can be quite fun and unique and is definitely an option for players who wish to play the class as it can function as both a DPS or a Tank depending on the situation.

Warriors deal damage by generating up to 10 Edge stacks and using Scythe to consume the stacks for a massive crit. Mystics focus mostly on debuffing targets and can deal additional damage with corruption ring to restore even more of your party’s mana.

The Deft Footwork active and Indomitable Spirit passive are both geared towards fighting other players, and both end up being useful. This time it was different from the last, but I’m not sure if its current state is for me. Freaks are the majority of gamers won’t have enough patience to grind slowly, most of them AFK once reach a considerable high level, and others decide whether they should spend money to continue or just keep farming slowly.

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