League legends Junglers Ganking Guide

Play jungler is the hardest role to master one of the League of Legends. Your job is to maneuver through the fog of war ganking lane’s opponents. Âgank is quite another word for an ambush. Opponents do not have enough saavy ward in the bush can be an unpleasant surprise when you jump out of them. I hope one kill fixed, but even driving away the opponent soldier and experience can be worth gank attempt.

Depending on your team composition, different types of champions, will be better junglers / gankers than others. A team, it is based on AD, jungler high AP scaling, such as Diana, would be a good choice. The reason for this is that your opponent may be a defensive ganker construction projects based on their driveway facing the champions, so it should have the opposite type of damage, in order to maximize its effectiveness and burst. Other side of things, an AP heavy team can use others like Rengar or Vi for their jungler / a ganker.

Champions have some crowd control ability is best to do Ganking (dizziness always the best). The Pantheon is a great champion, because he can jump on enemies and stun them, and deal with some nice burst damage, GANK. , Maokai is another good ganker, due to his ability to eradicate the enemy advance twisted place two seconds. He also has a good Austrian grinding capacity slowed.

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