League of Legends Counter Logic Gaming owner discusses departure

Earlier this week, founding member and owner of League of Legends team Counter Logic

Gaming, George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, announced his departure from the team’s

starting lineup. The team’s support player, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, is also leaving

the team and organization completely.

Previous CLG member Michael “bigfatlp” Tang will join the starting lineup in the

jungler role, and former team MRN AD carry Zach “Nientonsoh” Malhas will be playing

in the top lane, with Steve “Chauster” Chau taking over support duties.

HotshotGG spoke to GameSpot regarding the decision to step down, and the future of

Counter Logic Gaming.

Whose decision was it to have you step down from the team and why was that decision


It was my idea and decision to step down from a starting role on CLG. After being a

professional player for over three years and as CLG grows, my aspirations and what I

feel is best for the company have shifted. While I still enjoy being a competitor,

the intense schedule of LCS has created more disconnect between the team and its fans

I can help remedy not being tied to a starter’s schedule. This, coupled with my

desire to become more involved in the industry side of eSports and my confidence of

the potential of the team moving forward, all contributed to this decision.

How do your teammates feel about the decision?

This topic is something that I have brought up in the past, but the real barrier ever

keeping this from happening was a lack of talent in the NA scene making it difficult

to fill my spot on the starting roster. Since LCS began, however, we have seen the

talent level of the NA scene increase dramatically making a change like this

possible. My team knows I have the organization’s and in turn, their best interests

in mind, so they support me completely with this decision.

What role will you have with CLG beyond being a member of the team?

Aside from being a sub for the team, I will also be acting as a coach helping

Nientonsoh learn his new role. I will also be putting much more focus on streaming,

community interaction, as well as pursuing other special projects within the

organization. Things such as potentially starting a challenger circuit team under the

CLG banner.

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