League of Legends Major Changes to Champs and Gameplay

LoL’s newest patch nerfs the hell out of Draven, increases item prices in the shop,

and much more.
Ashe League of Legends
The newest patch for League of Legends, 3.9, is live now and brings with it some

significant changes to how the game will be played. A number of champs have been

nerfed, while a few received bug fixes and buffs. Riot has removed the ping indicator

from the load game screen as a player behavior measure. Item prices for a number of

items have changed as well.

Patch 3.9 is big news for anyone who loves/hates Draven. Draven’s old passive, which

granted bonus damage to his Spinning Axe spell has been removed. In its place is a

passive that stacks gold for every Spinning Axe Draven catches, then grants that gold

when Draven gets a champion kill. This change seriously nerfs Draven’s early-game

damage output, which is bad news for some but good news for most.

Other champs receiving some form of nerf include Brand, Hecarim, Jayce, Kayle,

Kennen, Nunu, and Shyvana. LeBlanc also received a major makeover revolving around

her ultimate, Mimic, which now bases damage on the level of itself instead of the

spell it’s mimicking.

The shop has also seen some changes, including a 5 gold price jump for ward. Tear of

the Goddess, Manamune, and Archangel’s Staff have also been redesigned. Riot also

significantly reworked the Rune page to be more user friendly.

Finally, the final major change is a increase in the amount of gold granted by a

champ with multiple deaths in a row. Usually when a champ has died a number of times

in a row, their death grants increasingly less gold. Patch 3.9 increases this number

to prevent people from intentionally dying to take advantage of this system. For

example: a player killed six times in a row without resetting is now worth 112 gold

(previously 62 gold). I don’t think intentionally feeding to lower gold rewards was

actually large enough of an issue to justify this change, which will only cripple

teams with a weak player, but I’ve been wrong before.

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