league of legends: Nasus the Curator of the Sands

Health: 410 (+90 per level)

Mana: 200 (+45 per level)

Attack Damage: 53.3 (+3.5 per level)

Attack Speed: 0.638 (+3.48% per level)

Movement Speed: 350

Health Regen: 7.5 (+0.9 per level)

Mana Regen: 6.6 (+0.5 per level)

Armor: 15 (+3.5 per level)

Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25 per level)

The enigmatic creature known as Nasus came to the League from a faraway world, and served as part of a vast and learned desert empire. There he was a respected and enlightened individual, having been made the Keeper of the Great Library. However, he was also part of a race of animalistic creatures that served as the rulers and protectors of the people. Unfortunately, there were others of his kind that believed they were more than protectors. They were under the egotistical delusion that they had ascended to become gods. War on Nasus’s world was never more than a breath away, as these deluded others sought to enslave the people and establish a totalitarian sovereignty. In the midst of a heated battle, just as Nasus was about to slay his treacherous brother Renekton, he was pulled through the cosmos to a summoning circle in Runeterra.

At first angered that he had been taken just as he was about to cripple the enemies of his people, Nasus’ advanced intellect won out when he heard the pleas of mercy from the summoners. He learned that Runeterra was also filled with its own brand of injustice. This danger was no less threatening than what he had fought against at home, and champions were needed to protect the people of this world. Heeding the call, Nasus chose to take his place in the League of Legends, knowing that his brothers and sisters would carry on the fight back home. These days, he is the Curator of the Sands, feeling most at home in the crumbling ruins of the Shurima Desert. However, recent disturbing news has reached the Keeper’s ears – rumors that perhaps his brother had not in fact been left behind. If this were the case, the destruction of Renekton would quickly become Nasus’ main priority, before this world too faces the threats of his brother’s forked tongue and endless ambition.

The Curator of the Sands, though contemplative, is not to be trifled with.


Soul Eater

Nasus drains his foe’s spiritual energy, giving him bonus Lifesteal.

Siphoning Strike

Cost: 20 Mana
Range: Self

Nasus strikes his foe, dealing damage and increasing the power of his future Siphoning Strikes if he slays his target.

Active: Nasus’s next basic attack will deal 30/50/70/90/110 (+100% Attack Damage) (+3) physical damage.
Passive: Siphoning Strike permanently gains 3 damage if it kills an enemy unit. This bonus is doubled against Champions, large minions and large monsters.


Cost: 80 Mana
Range: 700

Nasus ages his target, decelerating their Movement and Attack Speeds over time.

Nasus ages target champion over 5 seconds, initially slowing their Movement Speed by 35% and increasing to 47/59/71/83/95% over the duration. The target’s Attack Speed is reduced by half the amount.

Spirit Fire

Cost: 70/85/100/115/130 Mana
Range: 650

Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a location, dealing damage and reducing the Armor of enemies who stand on it.

Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a target location, dealing an initial 55/95/135/175/215 (+60% Ability Power) magic damage.For the next 5 seconds, enemies in the area have their Armor reduced by 20/25/30/35/40 and are dealt an additional 11/19/27/35/43 (+12% Ability Power) magic damage each second.

Fury of the Sands

Cost: 100 Mana
Range: Self

Nasus unleashes a mighty sandstorm that batters nearby enemies. While the storm rages, he gains increased Health, Attack Range, cast ranges, and drains nearby enemies’ max Health converting into bonus damage for the duration.

Nasus becomes empowered in the sandstorm for 15 seconds, increasing his maximum Health by 300/450/600, Attack Range by 50, and cast ranges by 100.While the storm rages, he deals 3/4/5 (+1% Ability Power)% of nearby enemies’ maximum Health each second (240 damage max per second) as magic damage and converts it into bonus Attack Damage.

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