League of Legends’ Newest Champion: Lucian, The Purifier

League of Legends’ newest champ is a highly mobile AD carry.

Riot Games just released the first info on LoL’s newest champion, Lucian, the Purifier. Lucian is a pure attack-based hero. His straight-line damage, mixed with some great movement spells, will allow him to destroy enemies quickly and brutally.
LoL Lucian
Lucian’s passive doubles his next basic attack after he uses an ability. This will encourage players to get a good amount of mana so they can spam abilities. Because his active abilities are freaking sweet.

Piercing Light is Lucian’s first ability, which simply does damage in a straight line. His second spell, Ardent Blaze explodes in a star, damaging and marking enemies. Marked enemies take extra damage and grant Lucian movement speed.

Relentless Pursuit is a blink ability that removes slows from Lucian. If Lucian kills an enemy champion, it removes the cooldown on Relentless Pursuit. This means Lucian could flash under a turret to kill a champ, and upon killing him, blink back away immediately. Damn.

Finally, Lucian’s Ultimate, The Culling, is one of the simplest in the game. The Culling allows Lucian to quickly run forward in one direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. These spells make it clear that in chasing or running, Lucian is going to be nigh unstoppable. For the more initiated League folks: He will be most at home as an AD Carry bottom or mid, as his harass potential will allow him to stay in lane and gank unsuspecting champs.

Lucian’s lore also provides further insight into the game’s world, Runeterra. The new champ was once a guardian of the undead who lost his wife’s soul to another LoL champ, the undead nightmare, Thresh. After this, Lucian set out to purge the undead from the world of Runeterra. His released lore wraps up with a quote from the champ: “Be grateful. By slaying you now, I spare you an eternity of torment.”

LoL’s newest champ doesn’t have a release date yet, but expect one soon. Also, don’t be surprised if his doomed wife Senna is a champ soon as well.

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