League Of Legends Player Facing Jailtime

We’ve all been there. A heated match in our favorite game, angry words said, but

usually a day later we are back in the game like nothing ever happened. Thanks to the

recent outbreaks of violent shootings and the connections sometime made by people to

gaming, there is a lot more attention paid to these outbursts than ever before.

Imagine then the surprise that Justin Carter had in February when the police showed

up at his home and arrested him for making terroristic threats.
League Of Legends
The Sandy Hook shootings were still fresh in everyone’s mind and everyone was busy

playing the blame game over what lead to the shootings. In the midst of this, Justin

Carter had a heated argument with a friend over Facebook after a game of League of

Legends. Justin’s friend posted that he was crazy and “messed up in the head,”

when Justin responded with:

“‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full

of kids and eat their still, beating hearts. lol jk”

According to Canada’s Global News, a woman in Canada saw his post and did a quick

Google search on him and found that he lived near an Elementary School. She then

called the local Police Department to notify them of the threat.The Police arrested

Justin in February, but did not question him until March. After questioning him, they

searched his house and failed to find any weapons and only confiscated his computer.

Since then Justin has been in jail awaiting a hearing to determine if his case needs

to go to trial, if it does, he could be jailed for up to 8 years.

Justin’s dad is trying to get the authorities to understand that his son had no

intention of doing what he typed and that he did not understand the gravity of what

he was implying. Justin’s friends and family have started a change.org petition to

bring this to the attention of the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbot.

While Justin’s comments were clearly in very poor taste, do you think he deserves to

be held and potentially jailed for making them?

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