League of Legends player MegaZero joins Complexity

America-based competitive eSports team Complexity Gaming has announced the signing of

the 18-year old League of Legends player Patrick “MegaZero” Glinsman to their roster.

Complexity has signed Glinsman to a 8-month deal instead of the industry-standard

one-year contract, as to lineup all of Complexity’s players under the same time


Glinsman joins Complexity as their new top-laner, replacing Nicholas Wu “Nickwu”

Smith who was removed from the team recently. Glinsman, former star of the now

defunct League Championship Series upstart Team MRN, has been staying with the

Complexity team at their team house in Los Angeles for the last three weeks since

MRN’s disbandment. Glinsman’s time at the house has proved to be a fruitful

relationship between the Complexity players and management, leading to today’s


“After the post-LCS closure of Team MRN, Megazero needed a place to stay,” Complexity

Owner Jason Lake told GameSpot. “Our guys offered a spot at the coL.LoL team house

here in LA. There was immediate chemistry and everyone was very impressed with his

attitude, work ethic and skill. We’re very happy to have Patrick on the team and wish

Nickwu the very best in the future.”

Since MRN’s tumble out of the LCS, Glinsman has been a sub on Cloud 9, currently the

only undefeated team in the North American Season 3 Summer Split. Complexity, the

other team knocked out of this year’s North American LCS, is relying on Glinsman’s

big playmaking ability to lead them back into the big leagues. Glinsman feels he has

found the right team to mesh with, and his time to return as a starter.

“People are curious as to why I would choose Complexity over other teams, and

honestly, they have the highest potential of any team,” Glinsman told GameSpot. “Just

practicing with them in scrims, I can tell the difference between Complexity and

other teams. They take it seriously, and more importantly, they learn from their

mistakes and are always improving.

“Just recently, we had a pretty impressive display in the MLG Qualifiers and we hope

to win MLG as a whole. Something people don’t realize is, if you’re going to be

living in a house with your team and you want to easily communicate and improve, you

have to be friends with your teammates. I love all the members of Complexity and I

hope together we will re-qualify for LCS next season!”

Glinsman replaces Smith, brother of his former teammate on MRN, Clark “ClakeyD”

Douglas Smith. While both teams only squared off against each other three times

during LCS, Glinsman knows he has a tough act to follow.

“Nickwu was an exceptional top-laner and in the LCS, he carried his team through some

pretty grim looking games,” Glinsman said. “Nick has always been a good friend as

he’s the brother of my former teammate, ClakeyD. I’ll do my best to make everyone

proud, especially Nickwu and ClakeyD because they’re pretty amazing people!”

With Riot’s League Championship Series as the pinnacle of League of Legends

competition, returning to the league is Complexity’s ultimate goal. Teams who have

failed to qualify for LCS have been seen to disband entirely a short time after, or

make heavy roster changes. This is not the plan for Complexity.

“LCS is obviously the pinnacle and goal for each team but it’s not the only

opportunity,” Lake said, adamant about supporting players in the industry. “Our

sights are set on a return as soon as possible but our plan is to support this squad


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