League of Legends tournament cheaters fined $30,000

League of Legends title imageWith $2,000,000 US in prize money up for grabs in the League of Legends World Championship tournament, last week’s accusations of cheating by several teams threw the e-sports scene into chaos. Several teams were accused of looking across the room at the enemy team’s minimap, which was on display for audience members. Riot Games initially announced that nobody had looked at the minimap, but as viewers at home dug through the recorded streams, the evidence of cheating mounted.

This week Riot carried out a full review of each match that was called into question, investigating both the incidents of players peeking at the opposing team’s map and the impact on the match. One team was cleared of all misconduct, three were issued warnings for unsportsmanlike conduct, and Korean team Azubu Frost was fined 20% of its winnings. The $30,000 fine will be donated to Riot Games’ charity programme in Korea.




2 million in prize money and cheating is as easy as turning your head to the left? Makes total sense.


Reminds me of a math teacher I had in midde school who would at times forget to clear the whiteboard before a test. Of course everyone would copy down the answer from the board. When he finally realized he had been leaving the correct answer up on occasion he didn’t penalize the students. He was smart enough to take responsibility for something that should have never been there. Obviously not the exact thing but it is comparable I believe.


If ‘screen-looking’ is against the rules then they shouldn’t be playing in the position where all one has to do is take a look over the shoulder to see an enormous screen. Don’t watch these things so I’m not familiar with the set-up and could be completely wrong, but this really shouldn’t be an issue with a competent host.



I always wondered why LoL didn’t have booths like SC tournaments do.  I mean it can’t be that expensive to put up 4 walls and roof and then sound proof it.

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