league of legends:Evelynn

Health: 380 (+90 per level)

Mana: 190 (+45 per level)

Attack Damage: 48 (+3.5 per level)

Attack Speed: 0.625 (+3.6% per level)

Movement Speed: 340

Health Regen: 8.9 (+0.55 per level)

Mana Regen: 7.1 (+0.6 per level)

Armor: 12 (+4 per level)

Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25 per level)

Evelynn’s origins are shrouded in mystery – a mystery she herself helps to perpetuate. What everyone does know about Evelynn, however, is that she is one of the most skilled assassins in Valoran. It is clear upon first meeting her that she is not quite human. Some theorize that she was cursed with a mild form of fantastical vampirism as a child. Supporters of this theory contend that her ability to sap the very life essence of her opponents on (and off) the Fields of Justice, while still being able to tolerate direct sunlight, would account for this belief. There is some evidence that Evelynn originally came from the Shadow Isles – the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. It is thought that the Shadow Isles are home to countless forms of undead, though no one seems eager to perform the exploration necessary to find out the truth. Evelynn neither confirms nor denies her connection to Shadow Isles.

The power brokers of Valoran know that Evelynn’s services come at the highest of premiums, and her recent addition to the League of Legends indicates that her ambitions are growing. Her savagery on the Fields of Justice has been so great that new rumors about her origins are now circulating. The most popular one – an abuse of magic as a child morphed her into the hungering beast her opponents see on the battlefield – always makes her smile when hearing it… an act that bares her razor-sharp fangs and teeth. Evelynn now curries favor from League summoners, gaining influence for reasons known only to her. While the nature of her plans- much like almost everything else about her – remains unknown, there’s little doubt that those plans are now set on the world stage.

”There is little mystery about her to me – she is the ultimate predator.”
– Jax


Shadow Walk


When out of combat, Evelynn enters stealth only being able to be seen by nearby enemy champions or true sight. While stealthed, she rapidly regenerates Mana.

Hate Spike

Cost: 16/22/28/34/40 Mana
Range: 500

Evelynn fires a line of spikes through an enemy, dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

Evelynn fires a line of spikes through a nearby enemy dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+45% Ability Power) (+40% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage to all enemies in its path.Hate Spike prioritizes targets Evelynn has recently attacked.

Dark Frenzy

Cost: No Cost
Range: Self

Evelynn passively increases her Movement Speed when hitting enemy champions with her spells. Upon activation, Evelynn breaks free from slows affecting her and gains a massive Movement Speed boost for a short duration.

Passive: Evelynn’s spell hits on enemy champions grant her 4/8/12/16/20 Movement Speed for 3 seconds (effect stacks up to 4 times).
Active: Evelynn removes all slows affecting her and gains 30/40/50/60/70% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.Champion kills and assists refresh Dark Frenzy’s cooldown.


Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Mana
Range: 225

Evelynn slashes her target twice, dealing damage with each hit. She then gains increased Attack Speed for a short duration.

Evelynn slashes a target 2 times, dealing 35/55/75/95/115 (+50% Ability Power) (+40% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage with each strike. Evelynn then gains 60/75/90/105/120% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

Agony’s Embrace

Cost: 100 Mana
Range: 650

Evelynn summons spikes from the ground to deal damage and slow enemies in the area. She then gains a shield based on how many enemy champions were hit.

Evelynn impales all enemies in the targeted area, dealing 15/20/25 (+1% Ability Power)% of their current Health in magic damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 30/50/70% for 2 seconds.Evelynn siphons their pain, gaining a 150/225/300 health shield for each enemy champion hit which lasts up to 6 seconds.

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