Legends League Finals sell minutes

On October 4, 2013, will host the World Championship final riot League. The game will be in Los Angeles Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers, but, tickets sold out almost instantly.

Last week, tickets went on sale and sold out in about an hour. When the next batch of riot sell, they sold out in five minutes. This is even worse than trying to get tickets rage LAN!

With the Staples Center sold out, and millions more to watch online, it will be interesting to see League thriving DOTA2. 3 is a huge international success, this year, with a bonus $ 2,870,000. However, the riot will pay the wages of the players championship, plus they will accept any sponsorship, streams of income and bonuses. In the battle MOBAs, it seems the players will certainly come out the winners.

You look at the first three quarters of champions? You see International 3? I thoroughly enjoyed the international three selected audience, I think the audience has increased compilation of a lot of extra value. Do you want to see something like LOL?

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