“LOL”: Blacksmith reconstruction Leona zenith edged sword “Heroes Union” in real life

Ever wish you could re-create the “Heroes Union” in real life, weapons and items do? Well, this blacksmith proved with the right skills and know-how, you can do it.

Tony Swatton, 30 years has been the blacksmith ordnance, and has made more than 200 films, set out to create Leona zenith edged sword “Legend” fans asked him to do so after the league to get a strong reaction weapons. Swatton also re-created the sword from Final Fantasy, X-Men and MINECRAFT, in other games.

Zenith of Leona blade process, involving the annealing, the heating swords about 1500 degrees, so that the material can penetrate into the section. In the end, Swatton used in steel, aluminum and plastic, so that about 4 inches wide and 42 inches long blade. “Legend” Advanced conceptual artist Michael Gross Mourinho Union also participated in this process, you must stop by the Swatton workshops, and provide some of their own feedback. Mao Mourinho’s reaction in real life Zenith leaves almost says it all.

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