“LOL” Champs Elysees to win the legendary venue

Los Angeles – When it comes to sports, in downtown Los Angeles Staples Center is usually an award-winning basketball and hockey.

However, the monster arena held a very different kind of competition this weekend : full house season three Champions League of Legends , a free to play video games , attracting more than 320,000 players a month.

Although it does not have too many games . South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 completely ruled China Royal Club on Friday night at one of the best of five series of the first three rounds . It won the team members Jung ” influence ” the universe forever , Cai “pig” Gwangju Kim , Lee ” Faker ” phase He , Li “PoohManDu” Jeong – Hyun and Bae “bengi” Seong UNG calls World Cup Trophy and $ 1 m awards.

In the famous location of virtual battlefield , marking the e-sports another milestone .

“This is a great honor and privilege , we put this in a legendary venues like the Staples Center , Merrill Lynch , said: ” Mark , president and publisher Riot Games League of Legends co-founder .

“My partner and I grew up in Los Angeles, we thought it would be appropriate in a fantastic arena, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers play, ending three seasons to win the World Championship .”

Merrill Lynch said the book at the Staples Center is a legend and a constantly growing popularity of e-sports leagues , and understand their favorite sport hardcore fans proud statement to the outside world .Spots look, we are here to provide cheap FFXIV Power leveling He said the company has not decided whether it will continue to be at the Staples Center next year ‘s world championships , or move to a new international locations.

“We lost money with electronic games , but we think of it as an investment to provide a cool experience for our players is impressive , ” Merrill said. “We are building an ecosystem , awareness of e-sports continue to gain more understanding and appreciation , and we hope this will become more sustainable , does not cause us to lose money .”

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