LOL new game mode ” for all” was released before the end of

Riot Brackhar has issued a statement on the recent wave of custom game , so use the same title Summoner another champion than 5 to “All ” mode internal reference to five .

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Although early access will be disabled later in the week , he noted that many experimental game mode , which will be the first one will cycle out of the situation , as a new initiative , the ” unique short-lived experience, we part will be published regularly . ” He also noted that we will see it again before the end of the other new features .

By this point many of you have probably heard repeated champion , now in the custom game madness Although we do not want players to be able to play this reaction has not been pretty awesome , so I want to pull the curtain , what it means to chat.

In the past few months, there is a team to create the original experiment in riot game modes for players to check out. Repeat champion mode – we call it a for all internal – is the first model , and strive in the future we will share with you . Featured game mode is intended to be a unique short-lived experience, we will regularly publish , we are very excited about the possibilities . Cycling the new model will allow us to work with you to create new experiences, has been difficult to do a permanent feature of the game , it gave us free reign to mild madness. In addition , cycling and exit the new model will allow us to keep these new things , and focus on the perspective from the game .
As I for everyone … if you can not tell , is not yet complete , there are still many errors associated with it , so we will disable the workaround to allow access later this week . This means that if you have a chance to try ( or, if you already have some ideas on it ) , feel free to give us some feedback – OP champion who is , let me know, so my team can finally win some of our internal playtests !

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