LOL S4 Preseason Changes on Baron, Minions, Towers and Roles

Misaya from Team WE gave a few more sneak peeks at the Preseason changes than what the other pros shared after the visit to Riot HQ last week.


Here are the highlights:

  • Baron buff now grants a huge percent of bonus damage to towers and out-of-combat MS boost
  • Baron buff no longer grants health regeneration and bonus AD/AP
  • Minions now spawn at 1:00 (changed from 1:30)
  • Monster camps now spawn at 1:30 (changed from 2:05)
  • Outer towers (possibly all towers) now grant 250 gold to the killer and 75 to all other allies
  • First blood within the first 4 minutes now grants 240 gold (down from 400)
  • There is a new jungle item that gives significantly increased gold income from killing monsters
  • Mid laners will gain increased damage from the revised Masteries, but they’ll also need to roam more, as there will be more objectives to secure
  • The support on bot lane has a much larger potential to carry if the lane is won

“Hello, this is Misaya from Team WE. S4 testing in Los Angeles concluded just a few days ago, so today I’m here to share some of the changes.
Firstly, I think these S4 changes will make the game more competitive and interesting.

In the S4 preseason tournaments, there will be much fewer level 1 fights. Minions spawn at 1:00 and jungle camps spawn at 1:30 (on the test client now, but subject to changes). The appearance of Trinkets (3 abilities: a 60s ward, clairvoyance, and a small stealth detection) will let level 1 fights be less feasible. Level 1 fights will be very rare in future ranked and tournament games. Another thing to note is that the gold from First Blood before 4 minutes is also reduced to 240. Who would sacrifice lane experience for so little gold in a level 1 fight?

The changes to the vision system and the positions of bushes will let skirmishes happen more often.Whoever can best utilize the new Trinkets (a 7th item slot dedicated to vision items) will directly decide your vision control and come out ahead in skirmishes. How to use Trinkets should be the first thing to learn; they are definitely the most important items in this version of the game.

Big changes to the assist system and support role will let the support have more carrying power. In this version, supports can get gold from various sources (masteries, assists, towers, new items, and the gold ADs obtain). In the testing, I found out that gold from assists are just way too much. During testing, Madlife would always have a lot of items. One time, when he was supporting me, he had Philosopher’s Stone, Ruby Sightstone, and potions before 8 minutes. We won that match easily. If support and AD can win bot lane, the support can definitely carry. I believe many different supports will appear in future tournaments :)

The changes to jungle involve a new jungle camp and itemization changes. I’ve got to say that right now,the gold increase from jungle items is too much, especially Wriggles Lantern (giving an additional 40% gold of jungle creeps in testing). Several other items also give pretty good gold. The increase to assist gold will let the jungler, who is already roaming all game, get more gold. The new jungle camp is definitely a blessing in the preseason. It gives decent experience and gold, and isn’t hard to take down. It also gives balance to the map, letting every quarter of the map have 3 jungle camps, making jungle diversity richer.

The S4 changes are definitely interesting, and we had a lot of fun in testing. Support is no longer negligible, and the changes to masteries also let AP become more interesting. Although support and junglers are becoming stronger, the damage of AP and AD will also increase due to masteries changes.This version of the game will need the AP to be more active in roaming in tandem with the jungler, since there are more resources to contest on the map. How to help the jungle and other lanes get more jungle resources and tower gold will the main objective of the new season.

During testing, we found that every game proceeded very quickly. The gold increase from first tier turrets (the killer of the first tier turret will get 250 gold + 75 gold to everyone), will let the game develop faster. On the whole, the game rhythm will develop from active early game fights: towers, dragon, and buffs will all become extremely important objectives to contest. The Sightstone will also let the winning side get more chances to attack, while the defending side will also have some ability to strike back.

The changes to Baron buff (the buff holding side will receive a buff similar to Mobility boots and a percentage increase to tower damage). So with the buff, the speed of taking down towers is like…I think a TF with Lich Bane and Deathcap can take down an inhibitor turret in 2 blue cards? Baron buff no longer gives any fighting power, so the defending side has to actively attack, or else the towers go down way too fast.

After testing, I am truly looking forward to the preseason. This will definitely be a very fun version. We’ve been playing the S3 version for a very long time. Even though S3 is an excellent version, I am still eager for the new version, because the changes are very interesting and attractive. Nobody knows which champions and what strategies will become mainstream in the preseason tournaments.

Are you guys excited for the new season? Let’s await the Preseason together!”

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