LOL Tips for ADC: Don’t be scare to buy a ward

During laning phase. Don’t be scare to buy a ward if necessary or you have extra


Let’s say a situation where you go back with your support.
lol adc guide
He bought a philo but don’t have any gold for anymore wards or possibly only one. And

you went back bought a vamp scepter and still have 200 gold left, then you should buy

a ward or two. They are just 75 gold each. 3-4 minions and you’ll get that gold back,

and in exchange, you’ll get a safer lane to farm in. Totally worth them.

Or in general if you have some extra gold and the lane needs extra warding because of

the support not being able to buy them, the ward is totally worth the gold.

So it’s time to come out from the zone where everyone thinks that only support should

ward! lol

But yeah this is pretty much all I can think of right now, might list more later if I

can think of something. Not in importance order by the way, just in order how they

popped up in the mind lol.

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