Of Riot Games, League of Legends, and the future of e-sports

In 2013 PAX Prime Minister, we have the opportunity to discuss the League of Legends and Riot Games vice president, AO eSports Dustin Baker. With the North American League Championship Series in the background, Baker talks heading to new heights, and promote eSports future plans and growth.

For the World Championship looking for a bigger venue if there are plans to do? (The world championships in Los Angeles, California, at the Staples Center.)
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Next year we, ??ll explore a lot of different possibilities, as well as international. It would be cool if we can give global experience, our fans. All options are on the table, but I think we do need more space affirmed.

What legends and the future of e-sports league do?

I think, ??ve we did a good job keeping our options open and flexible. We do not know how to translate the third quarter. I think this is the first time that publishers have become e-sports operators and manufacturers, everything. Of course, we have learned a lot this season, we AORE continuously adjusted by the number of fans watching our excitement and humility.

Our ratings are increasing week by week, we have 15 million people watch our amateur competition. We played 330,000 CCU in TSM CLG game, so we know the fans will adjust, if we build a high-quality broadcasts. We want to focus on the audience and broadcast capabilities, we want to provide the best experience.

We hope to continue to develop and imitate ESPN Sports Center and the sort. What do we need to adjust and upgrade? In the offseason, we AORE will go through and look at specific areas.

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