Path of Exile 3.1.0: Patch Notes of Monster Balance

Today, GGG announced the patch notes of Monster Balance. The following are some of the contents of Monster Balance.

Path of Exile

  • New monsters have been added to areas all throughout Wraeclast and Oriath, including newer, more difficult versions of the Parasites found throughout Acts 6 and 7, and Kitava-fied versions of the Blackguards found throughout Act 5.
  • The number of monsters found in areas throughout the campaign has been adjusted, and the number of monsters found throughout the game should be more consistent across multiple instances. This particularly affects The Old Fields, The Vaal Ruins, The Sewers, The Marketplace, The Battlefront, The Ebony Barracks and The Crystal Veins, but is not strictly limited to those areas.
  • The following unique monsters are no longer Immune to Freeze, and instead have a minimum action speed that they will be set to if they are frozen: The Shaper, Guardian of the Chimera, Guardian of the Minotaur, Guardian of the Hydra, Guardian of the Phoenix, Vision of Justice, The Goddess, Argus, Abaxoth, the End of All That Is, Haast, Unrelenting Frost, Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, Vessel of the Vaal, Atziri’s Devoted, K’aj A’alai, K’aj Y’ara’az, K’aj Q’ura, A’alai, Y’ara’az, Q’ura, Tormented Temptress.
  • The Ryslatha fight in Act 6 has been significantly changed: Ryslatha’s eggs now explode and create damaging patches on the ground, and Ryslatha herself is much more mobile. The monsters spawned by her pods are possessed by more difficult Parasites. Ryslatha herself is now immune to Knockback.
  • The Lightning Thorns skill (used by the Blackguard Mages as well as others) no longer deals a flat amount of reflected Lightning damage to attackers. Instead, it triggers a nova of lightning projectiles with a short cooldown.
  • The parasite infesting Hollowskull, the Willing Host is now called Encephalophage.
  • Encephalophage can now Leap Slam.
  • Parasites that drop off of slain monsters will now match their host’s rarity.
  • Riptide now better signals when it will use its dangerous skills, and creates fewer vortexes.
  • Captain Arteri and Captain Aurelianus can now drop items — just not very many.
  • Carrion Burrowers are now visually distinct from their surface-dwelling counterparts.
  • The life and damage of many Warbands monsters has been adjusted to make them suitable map bosses.
  • The beams in the Avarius Reassembled encounter now have more pattern variations. They also deal less damage, but the damage persists for a duration after you have been touched.
  • The beams in the Cato, Defiler of Light encounter have had the same treatment.
  • Maligaro’s Slam attack in Acts 7 and 9 now always Poisons and Maims on hit.
  • Sulphuric Striders and Undying Operators can no longer appear in Essence monoliths.
  • The Bloodstained skeletons found in the Blood Aqueducts have been made slightly more difficult.
  • Effigy of Fear’s crows now deal more damage.
  • Improved the Tolman encounter in Act 8. Tolman and the Ankh can now use a few extra skills.
  • Shavronne’s Stormburst in Act 9 now fires an additional projectile. It can no longer stun, and it deals less damage to players at close range.
  • Shavronne’s summoned books now have more life and deal approximately 35% more damage.
  • Anacuacotli, Death’s Worship now deals physical damage with her projectile nova. Her Raging Spirits now deal more damage at lower levels.
  • Greust’s bandit allies now flee when he dies.
  • Doedre’s spirit is now a little quicker at raising zombies in Act 9.
  • Doedre in Act 9 no longer repeatedly summons a large number of stone pillars. The pillars now die when the encounter ends.
  • Significant portions of the Depraved Trinity encounter have been reworked. In particular, Maligaro’s Bladefall and Shavronne’s Ball Lightning have undergone large changes.
  • The damage of Kitava’s X-Blast (the skill shaped like an X!) has been lowered slightly in Act 10.

For more information, you can log in to the official website. Finally, GM2V wishes you a happy life!

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