Riot Games “Legend ” coalition , and the future of e-sports

At PAX Prime 2013 , we have the opportunity to discuss with the League of Legends eSports Dustin Baker , vice president of Riot Games . With the North American League Championship Series in the background , Baker talks heading to new heights , and promote eSports future plans and growth.

Electronic Sports League of Legends and what is next ?

I think we’ve done a very good job keeping our options open and flexible . We do not know how to translate the third quarter . I think this is the first time that publishers have become e-sports operators and manufacturers , everything. Of course, we learned a lot this season, we are constantly adjusted by the number of fans watching our excitement and humility.

Our ratings are increasing week by week , we have 15 million people watch our amateur competition . We played 330,000 CCU in TSM CLG game, so we know the fans will adjust , if we build a high-quality broadcasts . We want to focus on the audience and broadcast capabilities, we want to provide the best experience.

We hope to continue to develop and imitate ESPN Sports Center and the sort . What do we need to adjust and upgrade ? During the offseason , we’re going to go through and look at specific areas.

What are your expansion plans ?

Extend our main goal is to see how the new eSports regional development . Game Show in Cologne this past week, we have an international tournament moved to a new territory into the mixing . Therefore, we must ensure that we do a better job , and let all the fans around the world . Similarly, all relevant assistance.

Do you have any plans to continue the development of e-sports as a career?

This is one of our main concerns this year is to ensure that people can legitimately focus on their careers League of Legends . It has been difficult to do in the past . Intermittent, sporadic problems caused by the game .

If you do not put those games in the top three , you are likely to lose money overall hotel , tourism, etc. We really do not think it is fair, which is why we brought something to compensate . But in reality , in most cases, this is not their main source of income .

Its sponsor , bonuses, and streams. More traditional sponsors are actively involved , which makes a big difference.

Qualcomm to get involved with TSM Earlier this year, Nissan has just lit up the curse , we have just signed an agreement with American Express …… these sponsors do not know what e-sports , maybe a year ago, and so these companies are our very exciting , because it is the kind of confirmation , this is something to attract large blue-chip brands .

It’s really from a financial point of view, to help improve the ecosystem , players will get paid a lot of money , they deserve , they sacrificed their careers , it’s like any athlete .

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