SK Telecom T1 Q3 championship coronation LOL

The Summoner's Guidebook Learning how to not lose from the League of Legends pros
After 10 months of frenzied play the entire league and the Champions League qualifiers , League of Legends Season 3 and finally to the end . In the final two best teams in the world contest between , won the SK Telecom T1 to become champions , less a $ 10,000 bonus for their trouble .

SK Telecom T1 ‘s story, though perhaps more interesting than the final victory. Just four months ago , the players make up the team SK Telecom T2 team. They are the second best player in the next SK banner. Although the decline in early June , the entire team and backup T1 raised , including the championship excellent piglets .

From there, they had a couple of setbacks, but eventually racked up a very impressive win rate champion, went 16-3 overall , not only won the whole thing , but to beat orange bear , who is responsible for knocking last year’s winner , Taipei assassin.

Despite the highly competitive championship point of view, the potential championship final between the two is less. There are some real back and forth couple Ø In the first game , but the final with a 3-0 victory SKT , smashing their way through .

If you were not there to watch the live broadcast of the final showdown SK Telecom T1 and between Royal Club downstairs, you can have a lot before the pre- amble below to watch the first game .

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