The 117th Champion to Shock Summoner’s Rift

1. The 117th champion is not Ao Shin.

334444444 The 117th Champion to Shock Summoner’s Rift


The designer said it would take a long time to launch Ao Shin officially and the current information was just his sketches.


2. The 117th is not a female.

We have reported earlier the suspected 117th champion .But we have confirmed recently that she’s not the real 117th champion and it won’t be a female.


3. The 117th champion is not a support.

RIOT designer once said that Thresh would be the last support this year after the release of Thresh. Thus the new champion won’t be a support either.


4. The 117th champion may be a fighter or a tank.

Let’s review the recent 10 new champions – Jinx (ADC), Lucian (ADC), Aatrox (fighter), Lissandra (APC), Zac (tank), Quinn (ADC), Thresh (support), Vi (assassin), Nami (support), Zed (assassin).


Considering the balance of champion types, he may be a tank.


In addition, the designer of the 117th champion is CertainlyTHe’s also the designer of Darius, Zed and Thresh and these champions are all fighters and they can act as tanks (the defense stats of Thresh is the highest among all supports). CertainlyT once said that the new champion would shock the whole Summoner’s Rift, and currently most fighters own the power. Thus we think the 117th champion is probably a fighter who can also act as a tank.

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