The new “alliance Legends Patch Release Undo” button for ‘LOL’ props, but comes with a warning

Have you bought the wrong “League of Legends” item in your hurried back to the battlefield? Afraid! Riot Games new “LOL” patch, which is called the 3.11 patch has announced that it will introduce an “Undo” button of the “Legend” props alliance. Undo button will essentially sell items back for a full refund item shop, allowing you to delete your own “LOL” shopping mistakes.

, Although there are some caveats.

If you want to return the item shop selling “LOL” project, which is not in any way impact on the game. If the item in question is a weapon, you can not handle destroy enemy minion or champion with the item on your body. If the project for you and your allies aura, such as “Aegis” Legion, it is deemed to have made ??an impact on the game, which means that you can no longer “undo” purchase.

This also applies to projects debuffs, like an abyss scepter. The debuff once it hits an enemy hero, you will not be able to sell back to the item shop. Do you want to sell back “LOL” props project is to give your health regeneration over time? If this is the case, it can not sell back “LOL” props. If “LOL” project, you want to sell back to the subsidy Cague Lucky Pick per second like gold, gold accumulation, and the project is in your body will also take away from you.

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