Union chief designer of the legendary poacher Eve Online

EVE Online Alliance legendary loss and gain Kristoffer Touborg said his move from the Chinese Communist Party of Riot Games. The former chief designer Eve Online on his Facebook page to announce the news, praised his predecessor’s work, while looking forward to Heroes Union “something new.”
“This is an incredible five years, the work of the company, I love, I love a game people get such an opportunity is not a lot, but I do not, I will always be grateful to the Communist Party so I work in a place where I ‘d get up every morning, very happy to go to work,. “Touborg said. “You can not do the same thing, but I felt like forever and after more than five years, now is the time to try something new.”
Touborg have nothing to do with his new job, but the excitement: “A few years ago, my interest is overwhelming EVE universe; now it’s a competitive league legends and scenes. Everyone CPC wonderful, and I would happily do it all over again in the riot to everyone, I’ll see you soon. “

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