What Do You Think Of Longshot in Madden 18

Boring, predictable, and cliché? Do you believe that these words describe Madden NFL 18? Perhaps some people really do not believe, because with the introduction of more and more trailers of Madden 18, most people are still looking forward to Madden NFL 18, especially the new play mode: Longshot, many people like this new Update, why some people would say this new model? Let’s take a look.




Devin is a former NFL prospect who gave up on his football dream long ago but has rediscovered it. He goes through conflicts with his friends and family. Devin is an African American, so they weave in how it’ll be tough for him to make the NFL (as he’s a quarterback, and only five of 32 NFL teams are starting a black quarterback). He’s got a lot of emotional baggage, etc.

It’s literally the exact same storyline as I remember from NBA 2K17‘s MyCareer mode. Nothing is new or interesting here. You can predict what’s going to come next. There’s a set path with a few forks in the road. It’s not a fresh experience for people who’ve played other campaign modes or watched basically any sports movie ever.

It seems to want all the players satisfied, really is not an easy thing. Although in the game to increase the story, will be better to allow players to integrate into Madden 18, better participation in the game, but other players do not like this model, this is simply added some boring and idiot things, they just want to play Game, do not want the game to appear other things.

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