When LOL Ranked System Is Adopted By Chinese Middle School

Kuiping Hu, a teacher of Chucai Middle School in Wuhan, China adopted the “Ranked System” of League of Legends in his education to encourage his students to learn. Some students are quite excited about the system while some parents are worried about it.

Kuiping Hu is the teacher in charge of Class 7, Grade 3. In September, he introduced the system to his class. First of all, he recruits 10 “Champions” from 50 students in his class. Champions are students with good grades and behaving well in school. Then, theses 10 champions recruit their own 5 champions and form their own league. There will be monthly qualifiers for these teams. They will be ranked by LOL tiers like “Challenger”, “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Platinum” and more.

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Liangchun Hou is one of the 10 Champions. He said that since they formed the leagues, learning atmosphere was stronger than before. “Every noon I would use half an hour to answer Chinese or English-related questions from my league members.” “I used to interrupt the teacher a lot. But in order to reach the Challenger tier I no longer do that.”

Seems that the ranked system works well in Hu’s class, but some parents can’t help worrying about their kids. “In a short term, the system can help students concentrate. However, it may encourage students to play online games.” said Mr. Chen, a parent of Hu’s student.

As for the worries of parents, Kuiping the teacher explained that 60% of his students play online games. The system (from online games) can inspire students’ enthusiasm. He didn’t intend to encourage students to play online games. He just wanted to show students that studying could be as fun as playing online games.

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